Nationalism: The most potent Drug

So friends, last night I went to a hollywood movie dubbed in Hindi. Hindi dubbed not for the sake of nationalism which is rampant these days, but because of the majority vote amongst friends who were keen to watch the movie with Hindi dialogues, rather than English subtitles. 
Before the begining of the movie, there played the National Anthem, with tricolor draping the screen. People who were coming to grab their seats, put a stop to wherever they were and stood in attention to give respect (or may be due to fear of getting beaten up by fellow cinegoers). At the end of anthem, some guys screamed “BHARAT MATA KI JAI” to the top of their lungs. Some besides me laughed at this act and said, “आजकल साला हर कोई देशभक्त बनने में लगा है“. Though I am amongst those who gets goosebumps everytime a patriotic song is played or a scene comes from a patriotic movie I watch so ardently, I somehow could not disagree to his sentence. 

The nation is gripping with a fever of pseudo-nationalism and probably this is the GOLDEN PERIOD of nationalism, and is going to be etched in the annals of Indian History.”

We are going through a phase where a movie star, who was nowhere to be seen few years back, with all his flops, is delivering back to back blockbusters in row and grabbing national award (leaving behind better contemporaries with better roles), just because of allegiance to a political ideology and praises from supporters of that party.

While, once (and probably even now) the biggest superstar who is known for speaking his heart out is struggling to get success to his films, just because of boycott of his films from the political ideologists on a mere misinterpreted statement and twisted facts of his stance on nation’s currrent situation.

We are living in an era, where a movie becomes the biggest earner (fake or true, nobody knows), just because it is depicting a religion as great in contrast to an earlier movie, where a God was mocked as hiding in the bathroom. An actor, who is two faced and grabs attention in the garb of perfection, adds nationalistic flavour to his movie to gain some brownies to deviate attention from his statement regarding safety of his wife in the current scenario. He also went on to release his movie in new territories and bloats up the collection figures of his movie to match the figures of the abovementioned movie which was creating records by praising a particular religion.

A decision on a eating habit, grabs some attention as some publicity mongering idiots, butcher an innocent animal in full public view, just to antagonize the decision of government, thereby pouring flammable liquid to already sky catching fire, which infact really needs to be doused. 

We are watching a group of religious people during the holy month of their piousness, burning a peaceful city and destroying its biggest hospital just to start prayers on a damaged architectural structure found during repairs. 

The social media is inundated with pages having enviable number of followers, belonging to different ideologies spewing hatred and being shared by morons. (Seriously, even after unfriending more than 25 precent from the list of friends, my facebook timeline is still filled with such posts, even though I don’t even follow any of such pages). 

We are witnessing a phase, where an age old party brings communal issues veiled as secularism, and a relatively new party use those issues to win elections.

In between all these, those who actually are the true nationalists, are fighting with gun in one hand and camera in another, at border areas, in extreme of temperatures, where even survival is not possible. The camera and the shooting is just to prove some keyboard warriors and TRP hungry media dogs, that they are not boasting their act just for the sake of same pseudonationalism prevalent across the country. While there are many in our country, who are winning useless arguments over wrong decisions using name of our soldiers.

Nationalism has indeed became a drug, a new type of LSD, or marijuana which is used rampantly and is kind of legal. Also, those opposing it are not mitigating the effects, but rather helping it dwell further into the veins of the country and thus making it worse.

So, all those who fake nationalism and also those who are opposing nationalistic things for their shitty politics, should remember one thing. Anybody who is sane enough to see things, do not care for your gimmicks now and will not care for them in long run also. 

Nobody gives a damn to an app, or some meagre amount of money given to soldiers, or digging a compost pit, or playing national anthem in movie or barking at the top of voice in a news studio, or butchering animal for publicity.

The divide, the polarization, the infighting is not going to continue forever. And when all this stops, at that time, the common men will not let his beloved country gone to dogs like you
We love our country, we love our national anthem and patriotic movies, we love our movie stars from whichever religion they belong, and we love our heroes fighting for our safety.
And, and, and,…
We don’t hate you, we just pity you for having an IQ less than the legal age for having sex, voting or marrying, in that manner.




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