It’s better to have an Opinion, rather be opinionated



a view or judgement formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.

For example, “that, in my opinion, is right”.

So, after gaining the literal meaning of the word, let’s dwelve into a more broader meaning, or may be the meaning this article wants to convene.

Let me put it straight in the begining, it is not bad to have an opinion. In fact, it is good that someone has an opinion to put forward in front of others while having a talk, discussion,etc.

It is also not bad to put opinion in front of someone. It actually tells, or rather inform a person about you, so that they can modify their behaviour accordingly (if they want to), or give consideration to your school of thought also (Again, if they want to)..

Anybody can have opinion, be it a doctor, a lawyer, a businesman, an engineer, an armed personnel, a politician. Women, men and transgenders can have opinion. Adults can have opinion, so do a child can.

The major problem which one encounters is when he/she forces opinion on someone else. Opinion, as the above mentioned definition as well as the common sense suggests, is a view or judgement, a thought which is made by one’s mind and it may not necessarily be backed by facts, or experiments or knowledge; And when someone forces you his/her opinion, when someone crams it down your throat, the very rebellious nature of your mind begins to oppose it. The human intellect is designed to confront arguments, theories, any view put forth which doesnot have a solid backing. So people used to put their opinions forth and then started having discussion for the views their acumen can’t digest.

Earlier, it was difficult to express your opinion conveniently to someone when means of communication were meagre. But, with the advent of MSM (mainstream media), people used to get opinion from those blabbering on television, radio, etc. Still it was only a one-way communication.

With the entry of social media apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, and many others (seriously, I don’t even remember the names of many), the one way communication took a back seat and a better two-way conversation (better, as the theories of social interaction says) started between the masses and the so called classes. It was indeed wonderful as a person sitting in the comfort of his/her home could meaningfully talk with someone revered in social milieu, sitting miles away. 

The major problem started when this conversation took a vile turn. The person having an opinion, was confronted with a person with a different opinion. This level of diffences, this war of thoughts was caused by a very basic thing, a very bad thing……

With the fast flow of information at fingertips, some people started using hoaxes, false news, paid articles, and other literally piece of sh*t (yes it is) to flow along with the main stream and thus influencing the minds of laymen or rather, we say common men, so drastically that they had an inscribed opinion about a person, a religion, a caste, a country, a profession (the one I come across regularly, being a doctor) in their minds. 

This started to hurt the basic fabric of the society, where every TOM, DICK & HARRY, with a distorted opinion, with the use of his new weapon (a smartphone), started putting his opinion forward, fighting and abusing those who do not cater to his school of thought. The opinion, as explained at the start of the article, need not be backed by evidences, facts, or experiments. It just has to creep into someone’s mind until it takes a violent course to extent of abusing , or may even be physically hurting someone.
So, in the end, I will say, 

Don’t be judgemental…

Don’t be opinionated (have an opinion, nurse it, but don’t jam it down someone.)…

Don’t jump onto conclusions in the fit of an eye…
And most important,,,

Their are always sides of a coin, and this coin has several sides…
Thank you.. 


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