Depression: The Empathy They Desire, The Apathy We Render


A really cruel word.. 

A really cruel notion..

A really cruel disease..

A really cruel tag for someone..

A really cruel taboo…

Depression is not a disease, nor it is a symptom. It is a state of mind which people, when feeling sad, relate themselves to. It is a cage where a part of a person is trapped, vying to get out, express itself, see the good in the world. But trying to seek good, it separates itself from the so called bad things. In the search of joy, in the pursuit of happyness (yes, could not stop myself from writing name of one of my all time favorite movies), that caged part forgets that to maintain the balance of its personal universe, it’s own yin and yang, it has to accept both happiness and sadness.. 

Besides that, there are many things that needs to be checked on a list to call whether a person is really depressed or not??.. It might be the inability to find pleasure in things which he/she enjoyed earlier, it might be a change in dietary or sleeping habits, or it might be some other things (there are really many, and I am not going in details, you can consult a shrink, I can personally suggest you from some of my nice psychiatric friends).. 

The major point in writing all this was not cheering up a person suffering from depression or asking him to get treatment or some spiritual sh*t for them. 

This article was not meant for them, actually.. It was meant for the person who might be reading on their behalf, caring for them. Those which are actually the main sufferer and personally, I think their sufferings are definitely going to be increased by the recently proposed “MENTAL HEALTH BILL” (Well, what else governments across the boundaries do, it is their birth right).. They are the ones who bear the onus of the sufferings brought upon them by this disease (or whatever you may call it), who are unable to break open the cage their close, dearly loved near one is trapped within and feel the love they used to earlier. 

But deep down, they are also the ones to be held accountable for all this mayhem. They probably due to some social taboo, peer or parents pressure, or just plain apathy on their part, let this monster grew inside their loved ones and their inaction just let it grew bigger to the extent where the person harbouring it bow down to it without putting up a fight.

So, all those caregivers, parents, friends, or anyone who can take care leave aside their superstitions, their fear, their judgments and help the one they hold so dear, they once could not imagine a life without.

Afterall, LIFE is not just a checklist of acqusitions and even if it is, than your biggest acquisition, your biggest asset is that person, fighting hard to meet up with you the same he/she was earlier..
“Empathy is the faculty to resonate with the feelings of others. When we meet someone who is joyful, we smile. When we witness someone in pain, we suffer in resonance with his or her suffering.”

– Matthieu Ricard



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