No Country for Women, and her modesty

Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka, the third most populous city in India, the metropolitan is known for it’s pleasant climate round the year, it’s status as silicon valley of the east and it’s pubs and night life. 

But, after the dark, gloomy, horryfying night of 31st December (the famous new year Eve), this city will also be known as city of molesters, and more than that, a city of spineless onlookers. Hundreds (may be thousands) of women were groped, molested and their modesty outraged at a place known to be the most happening place in the city, known for its bustling crowd. 

The females were helpless, and so were their male associates as they were unable to help or save this women from the so called strong and patriarchal group of “Eunuchs“. Yes, Eunuchs are they, as they after losing their sense to the sweet alochol or drugs, were not able to keep their male useless parts into their pants. They went on a rampage, hurting one female to another, with the adrenaline and alcohol in equal amounts pumping down their veins. 

But, more than this shameful creatures, who call themselves humans (animals are much better), the responsibility of such event, the onus of this

 emotional and physical torture, lies on the people who were standing by, not even remotely trying to save those women (because none of these was their mother, sister, wife or any female relative). They stood their like Chinese dolls, the plastic mannequins, with not even a drop of life. Plain cowards, who might have thought, “mujhe kya, meri kya lagti hai??”..
The police was there (to do what, issue challan to vehicles or trouble common men and women?). I have read that there were 1500 of them (this much amount can handle riots or disaster contingencies), but none of them intervened. 

And now, after this horryfying incident, some shameful politicos are saying that those women were petrol and a fire was bound to happen, or they should not wear short clothes or follow western culture, or should cover body. I have a small and interesting suggestion: Buy a rope, make a noose, and tie it around your neck. You can use a ceiling fan, or call me if you are too afraid to do it yourself.

With all these things and events, one thing is clear that their is no locality, no city,,,,



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