New Year Resolutions and Keeping them; or Not??

Word of the Day: “Resolutions”...

As important is alcohol to a new year party, or a Goa trip to a bunch of Bachelors (Bachelorettes too), or whatsapp and other chat applications to a newbie teen desperately trying to settle some date with another equally imbecile teen; are resolutions to onset of a new year because of the mindset that whatever you do on the first day, will happen to you for the rest of the year.. (Hahahahahaha)

So we want to start our new year with a big bang (metaphorically).. We start with, yes, you guessed it right… Joining a gym, or if you are too poor (like me), by buying new running shoes or earphones; devicing a diet plan; a daily plan which comprises of waking up early and going to bed early too (seriously, who wants to do that with all the coziness of our expensive blankets and quilts??). The plans shoot of with a fervour, just like the phenomenal big bang of the creation of our universe, with lots of boasting (preferentially over Facebook and Twitter, with the #newyearnewme hashtags). We start with certain goals, recording the changes, however minimal they may be, get depressed every day as the goals are far fetched than the real results and vow to start fresh the next day. 

But as the boiling milk is brought down after the steam seperates it from the top layer of cream, our enthusiasm is brought down by the monotonicity of the schedule (or the warm soothing comfort of our beds) and diet plan (or merely the sight and smell of the unhealthy food). We start by missing few tidbits from the daily routine, feeling guilty by the end of the day and end up being more pathetic than before.

So is this the end of our resolution or new year plan (and this article too??)..



As I said earlier, the burden of expectations are too much. Pin high hopes, see them crash before our very eyes, get depressed. 1,2,3…Repeat this vicious cycle again and again..

So, this new year, let’s make a resolution not to make any bl**dy resolutions; not to waste our life on exercise, diet and routine and insted plan on sticking to earlier followed daily routine and diet (and suffer from high cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, brittle bones instead)..
NO, NO, NO..  

This is not what you are expecting this literary piece of suffering to be..This is not again some special soul stirring gyaan, or life lesson. 

The crux is:

  • START FRESH, JUST NOT FROM THE FIRST OF JANUARY ITSELF. There is always a day waiting for you.
  • FOLLOW A DIE’T, JUST DONT DIE OF IT. Eat healthy, but don’t starve yourself when it’s not available.
  • MAKE A ROUTINE, JUST DON’T TELL IT TO OTHERS PERSONALLY OR BY POSTING ON SOCIAL MEDIA. They will come to know and will help you in proper execution, or at the minimal, will not disturb it.

I wonder, those who are reading my articles, there might be two bunches:

  1. Those who will think― this guy is wonderful, always have something new to tell to.
  2. Those who will think― again same crap, he thinks of himself as some spiritual guru or motivational speaker..

Sorry to disppoint both of you, it is nothing like that..

It is just the formal writing s**t, and the ensuing constipation from which I get relieved by throwing it upon the readers (Here, here, I lost some followers already).  I feel enrgetic when I let go of the cooked up emotions, brewing like a hot broth inside this cramped skull of mine. And yes, it is also for some appreciation.. So, if you like it, keep reading for future trauamtic experiences and if you don’t, I never ever give a damn…
                “HAPPY NEW YEAR”


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