Hopes, Despair, Reality: Let’s welcome a brand new year

So, it’s that time of the year, where people are gathering up to celebrate begining of a new year. There are plans being set up to DJ party at a pub, or a sumptuous dinner (tasteless food, apparently); or those who are too lazy preparing with their ample stocks of liquor and hash at home. I personally don’t believe in such madness and always think why to celebrate extravagantly for a mere change of a date in a piece of paper (read, calendar). There are many instances, where one plans for a party or gathering and ends up getting depressed at home being all alone and sober (I, myself have been through such instances, and end up crying in my bed for not being with someone who could share my madness at this juncture of “moksha”, as they call it).

So, keeping this party plans aside, and instead of boring you by my teeny-tiny tales of sufferings, let’s come to the point of this write-up. As the title suggests, it is about the human mentality associated with a change, be it a week, a month or an year (the biggest of them all). No, not some spiritual or Sadhguru kind of gyaan, just some musings straight from heart. 


As the date changes, we all look back what we have achieved in the time gone by, and think about changing our ideas, or strategies, or lifestyle (YES, I’m talking about the f***ing resolutions, which most of us make every year to be repeated time and again, just not to be followed). The hopes we had, from the last year , those which turned into desparations, and the hopes which we have from the coming one. The true nature of a human being comes at point of so called significant changes in climate, weather, calender, relationship status, ettcetra-ettcetra…

People usually pin too much of expectations on others. More than that, they pin too much of expectations on themselves, and in the long run, end up getting frustrated, depressed, and apparently alone, Not being able to share their agony. Many end up gulping this down with gallons of alcohol, some hash (no, no, not the hashtags chu****pa), and many end up taking the shrink’s consultation and eating antidepressants like daily diet.

Now, here is where the gyaan part starts (can’t help it, You can stop reading now if you wish to, or carry on, as this trauma is going to end soon). The gyaan is, FU** THOSE EXPECTATIONS.. Yes, you read them right. Because the only way to get out of this wormhole is not to dug further deeper. Stop, expecting that someone is going to party with you, or lend you some money in new year for your venture, or will let you use his belongings for free(you can also deny others from damaging your belongings, after all they belong to you only). Stop being a victim of your own thoughts, discard them and not just this 31st eve, but on each night of the coming year. And suddenly, you will realize that you have no frustrations (NO FRIENDS EITHER). Let’s call this eve the beginning of a new dawn of our life. 

Till then, sayonara from drcrazybones.

P.S.: I’m wishing since days for getting invited to a new year party; as few of my friends are out of town.. So, if you are OK with some tilted thoughts, please consider me. It will help, if RUM is there.. quite chilly out here. Burrrrrrrr…


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